What is Gallito Studio?

Gallito 2.0 is a NLP Tool. It is a software package based in the LSA model. A first implementation with minimal functionality for standard semantic Spaces was created in 2005. Over the next years a series of new versions were made available to our research group www.elsemantico.com which use them to support simulations and even industry applications. During these years, much of the current functionality was testing. But in 2012, a sensible better release was delivered to the Technological Transfer Office of UNED University (OTRI) , who licenses it. Compared to existing tools, Gallito Studio offers a user interface and an extensible set of a very interesting features based in psycholinguistics claims: as for example changing the perspective of the latent semantic space and convert the abstract dimensions into real words or the Well-known Construction-Integration mechanism.

  • gallito API:
  • If you need an API,Use now Gallito Studio's training output on Gallito API with Soap or Rest for free

    What it is used for?

  • Research:
  • Makes it possible to process language samples and extract samples for psycholinguistics experiments, such as term entropy, frequency measured through vector length, similarity between terms, lists of semantic neighbors, coherence between several pieces of text ... All of this is very useful to exercise experimental control or even to do research into the effect of this kind of variables on processing.

  • Technology:
  • For text categorizers in any domain and for academical essays assesment. It can also be used to mining and visualize information in marketing departments.


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